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Becoming a citizen of Singapore: an easy guide


The government of Singapore has major benefits to its citizens. The citizens of Singapore are given the fullest support in all ways possible and in all endeavors of their life which will benefit them in many ways. If you have been living in Singapore or if you have been working in in Singapore, you will certainly want to get these benefits.

The only way to get these benefits is to get the citizenship of the country. If you are foreigner in the country, first of all, you have to get the PR. After 2 years of being a permanent resident of the country, you will be eligible to apply for the citizenship. If you meet up with the legibility criteria to become a citizen of Singapore, here are some of the most important information on how to apply for Singapore citizenship:

Check for your eligibility

You should start the procedure of applying of the citizenship of Singapore by checking the legibility . Once you have, you will know if you can get the citizenship or not. When you are getting the citizenship, you can check for the eligibility in 5 different criteria. Once you have found the criteria that you can go ahead with, it is needed that you get to know the needed information about it and continue the procedure in this way.

Ready the needed documents

The next important step that you have to do is to ready the needed documents. You will need a list of documents that will prove you areeligible to become a citizen of the country. Moreover, these documents will help in the evaluation of your application for the citizenship. Look into what the documents that you need are anbe sure that you get the legitcopies of them so that your application will not be rejected.  When you are preparing the documents that needs to be presented, it is best if you have the guidance of a reputed and experienced immigrant lawyer who will help you separatedocuments and will also guide you through the entire procedure as well.

Submitting the application

When you are submitting the application, it has to be done online. First of all, you need to register at Sin pass where you can submit the application. When you are submitting the application, it is needed that you pay $100 for each application that is submitted. After that, all that you have to do is to wait till you hear back from the authorities about the citizenship status of Singapore.

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